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Clark Sell | http://csell.net | @csell5

Microsoft | Senior Developer Evangelist

Name a role in the software industry, and Clark has probably played it. He started as a Y2K tester and has since worked as a developer, lead, “build monkey,” solutions architect and product manager. His professional sweet spot however, lies in designing and building software solutions that make life easier – there’s no chance for boredom and constant opportunities for growth. Clark is MCSD certified and received top Microsoft honors with the Circle of Excellence Award. He’s a graduate of Western Illinois University and before joining Microsoft in 2005, he served as a solutions architect at Allstate Insurance Company. As a senior developer evangelist and Visual Studio team system ranger, Clark brings a good dose of humor and a zest for life to the podium. You can hear Clark’s technical musings on “The Smackdown” at DeveloperSmackdown.com and The Thirsty Developer podcast – or find him getting grease under his nails in the garage. Clark’s a muscle car fanatic who’s currently finishing a body-off restoration of his 1970 Chevrolet Camaro.


Dave Bost  | http://DaveBost.com | @DaveBost

Microsoft | Senior Developer Evangelist

Dave Bost is a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft and co-host of the Thirsty Developer Podcast. Dave has been a Software Developer and Solution Architect for over 15-years. Prior to joining Microsoft, Dave cut his technical teeth working with many Fortune-500 companies as a technical mentor and consultant.

Dave started his technical passion back in the days of the Commodore-64 when he wrote his first assembly-language program that produced a hot-air balloon which sailed across his Commodore 1701 Video Monitor. From there, he was hooked. This led to a Computer Science degree at Northern Illinois University, where he soon started his professional career in the Unix/C world and a short time later, starting his Microsoft developer career. For the past decade, Dave has spent most of his time building web-based applications for the Microsoft platform. As a technologist, Dave doesn’t spend all his time in the Microsoft world as he likes to spend his time dabbling with the latest technologies, tools and movements coming out of the software industry.

Outside of his professional life, Dave enjoys discovering new music with his Zune Pass, defending the universe against 13-year olds on box Live, and playing golf (whenever his wife lets him). You can read Dave’s blog at http://davebost.com/blog or listen to the Thirsty Developer Podcast at http://thirstydeveloper.com.

This is only a small subset of who I am. There is so much more to know.


Scott Seely | http://scottseely.com | @scottseely

Scott Seely is the president of Friseton, LLC, www.friseton.com. From 2002 to 2006, Scott was a developer on the WCF/Indigo team at Microsoft. Today, he is an active member of the .NET community in the Chicago area, helping lead the Lake County .NET Users’ Group, organize Code Camps, and speaking at user groups throughout the region.

Scott has been writing about SOAP and REST Web Services since 2000. He has authored and co-authored five books and dozens of articles on the topic. His latest book is due out at late 2010/early 2011. When away from his computer, Scott enjoys cooking, a round of golf, a good beer, and hanging out with his three children and wonderful wife.


Lance Larsen | www.lancelarsen.com | @lancelarsen

Lance is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable senior .NET technology architect / independent consultant focusing on the latest Microsoft .NET technologies.

Lance is also the President of MADdotNET, the Madison WI .NET User Group (www.MADdotNET.com). 

As part of his duties as President of MADdotNET, he has had the privilege to organize and run a number of developer event, and is extremely excited to be able organize and assist Clark Sell with the Midwest GiveCamp as a team lead - focusing on the Madison charity of Porchlight, Inc. (http://www.porchlightinc.org/)

Lance balances his career, hobbies and his family life, including raising his two beautiful and way too smart for his own good, 6 and 8 year old daughters.


Travis Feirtag | http://www.DevMobiles.com | @theRobotGeek

I am a proud father and loving husband for my wonderful family.  My wife, Julie and our four children live in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.  It is unbelievable watching our children grow and learn.  My chest puffs up with pride when I speak of them.  They are the best part of my life.

Secondly, I have been an engineer since I got my first computer when I was ten years old.  It is my second love after my family, of course.  If there is such a thing as destiny then it was fateful that I have become an engineer.  I drive my wife crazy talking about technology.  Of course, if our children love tech as much as their dad then mommy is in trouble :)

I have spent many years working, exploring, making mistakes and learning from them.  In my opinion, it is truly through our mistakes that we gain the most useful experience in life.  I believe that I am open-minded about new technologies but I do not adopt a technology simply because it is new.  I have a considerable amount of experience but there always is so much more to know.  For the last nine years, I have been spending most of my time using .NET technologies.  Microsoft has done their homework when creating the .NET framework.  It is the most cohesive set of development technologies from them to date.

I was on the executive committee of the Wisconsin .NET User Group for 3 years. And was the president of the Madison .NET User Group for two years and I now serve on the Board of Directors, which means that I am involved in the regional and national .NET developer community.  I have been a full-time engineering consultant in the Southern Wisconsin region for over 10 years now.


George Durzi

George Durzi is a Principal Consultant at Clarity Consulting in Chicago where he focuses on building solutions on the SharePoint and Unified Communications platforms.   George enjoys speaking at and helping organize local community events, and is also the INETA user group mentor for the Midwest region.  Outside of work, George is an avid swimmer and a certified soccer nut.


Mark Nichols | http://MarkNic.com | @Mark_Nic

Mark has been a technology consultant for more years than he wants to admit.  He earned his wings working for Accenture, he ran his own consulting company for several years and is currently with Microsoft.  In 2005, after taking a few years off to go back to school, he graduated with high honors from DePaul University with a Masters in Computer Science.  At Microsoft, Mark works as a Senior Consultant and is part of the Visual Studio ALM Ranger team pushing the benefits of discipline and process during development. 

His interests away from work usually involve building something whether it’s a house, his car or a robot.  One of these days he will figure out how to make the robots do the building.  He has also been known to play golf from time to time and actively works to further develop his slice.  If you enjoy podcasts, you can hear Mark on “The Smackdown” at DeveloperSmackdown.com where he and his friend Clark dig deep into technology and give tips, tricks and opinions on all kinds of technologies/